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The Cecil kids on a school trip in their new uniforms bought from donations

Support our Kindergarten.

We keep school fees very low, so our kindergarten depends on donations. Fees are about €36 per year and children without parents do not need to pay anything. Donations are also used to pay teachers. Donations have helped us build our school building, to buy tables, chairs, uniforms, books and pencils, and to get electricity. You can support us by donating through the form below.

Our school before we received donations

Our school after receiving donations

Support our Youth group.

Mkunguni Cecil Youth Group is a group of 12 young Kenyans who live in Mkunguni village in the suburbs of Mombasa. We decided to start our group to enlighten the community about HIV/AIDS, child labour, drug abuse and education, due to the rising number of drug addicts, anti-social behaviour, and the high number of orphans whose parents died of AIDS. Read about their latest project and help them to get started by donating to Youth group.

Another organisation in Mombasa that deserves your support

Let rescued children study and play. Read about this project and donate here Let children study and play