We help widows to start their own small-scale business. We select women who have no income but are willing to work hard. We communicate extensively with the women in order to find out what kind of work they can and want to do. Here are some examples of small but successful projects.

We helped Mama Kazungu to start a kiosk where she sells tea, fruits and vegetables.

We helped Mama Riziki to start a business of making makuti from leaves of the coconut palm. These mats are used for roofing and keep the houses surprisingly cool.

Mama Fibi and Anne are preparing fish to be sold during and after lunch. Anne loves fish and is a frequent buyer.

Mama Fibi got a financial boost to start selling firewood and roasted fish. She is happy with the opportunity to earn her own income.

Mama Sara is washing the dishes after the children's lunch. She is one of the widows we are helping to earn something before she opens her business.