About Us

Anne Wambua

Cecil Kids is a community based organisation in Bombolulu village near Mombasa (Kenya) founded by Anne Wambua to support the poor community in this neighbourhood. Cecil Kids runs a kindergarten, supports widows to generate an income and has a youth group which has activities that include educating the community.

Anne Wambua started Cecil Kids because there are many small children in Bombolulu who are being taken care of by their single mothers or grandmothers, because the rest of the family died of AIDS. It is essential that these children get a good education, to give them the opportunity to work for a better future. Cecil kids provides these children with a solid educational basis, by providing three years of kindergarten using the Montessori method. In addition, the children are given a daily lunch.

Cecil Kids also work with the single mothers, grandmothers, youth and other members of the community to make sure that children attend school, to educate the community about HIV/AIDS prevention, to fight alcohol and drug abuse, and to help single mothers to start small-scale businesses.

New! You can now support Cecil Kids by sending handmade postcards to your family and friends.