Youth Group

Two members of our youth group with a drug addict in our neighbourhood

Mkunguni Cecil Youth Group is a group of 12 young Kenyans who live in Mkunguni village in the suburbs of Mombasa. We decided to start our group to enlighten the community about HIV/AIDS, child labour, drug abuse and education, due to the rising number of drug addicts, anti-social behaviour, and the high number of orphans whose parents died of AIDS.

Our youth group at Calvary Zion Children Home

We enlighten the community through facilitating/discussions, poems, drama and play to create awareness of the dangers of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and to encourage parents to send their children to school.

We decided to start some income-generating activities to fund our activities in terms of transport, materials, etc. We have a room in the Cecil Kids building which can be used as a shop. We collected donations to do the plastering and to put a metal framework in front of the window to prevent theft. This work has now already been finished. We are going to rent this shop because most of us are going to school and we don’t have time to work in the shop ourselves. The rent we get we will use to fund our activities. We have also collected money to buy chairs and we have already bought 20 chairs. We are hiring these chairs for weddings and other celebrations. We hope to collect more money so we can buy some more chairs.

The group has committed members and any aid that shall see the community get sensitised is a great welcome. Have a look at the pictures below to see what kind of activities we do.

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