Water project finished!

We greatly appreciate the donors and the 1% club to have facilitated the project of the water borehole which is now in full use within the center and the community at large.

We had suspended the project due to heavy rain around the country. Many houses were flooded and roads were impassable. Now you can have a glimpse of the tank which is full of water to the capacity. It contains 2300 liters of water.

The re-enforcement pillars as you can see in the photos are strong and solid.

We appreciate the donors once again and also marketer Mr. Rik and each and everyone who recommended the project. We sincerely thank all these people who have shown real love and care for our children.

Director Anna Wambua is proud of the new water tank on top of the roof of the school building of Cecil Kids.

The children made their handprints in order to thank 1%club for the water at their school

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