Youth is making bags and learning charts from waste and learns about HIV/AIDS

Woooooooouuuuuuuhhhh, how nice it is to be a member of this youth group of ours!

It is with some of the money that was donated by our wonderful sponsors that we started making detergent soap and jik stain remover. The soap can be used to wash cloths and utensils. From the profit, we are taking two of our members to learn how to make polythene paperbags. Then the two will show theĀ great plans in december. We wil give you details about the december surprise.

Just yesterday, our members had the chance to make products from waste. For example, we made Learning charts from old boxes. Very nice! Soon we will post picture on the website to share the ideas with you.

Last week, we visited the National Aids Control Council (NACC) and, you know what, from the good job we do in creating HIV/AIDS awareness the NACC office gave us lots of usefuly AIDS related materials.

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